Mariology & Mary Debate: James White vs. Robert Fastiggi

Here is James R White, the bane of all Arminians, this time Roman Catholics, in a debate on the RC doctrines of Mary. What have they done to the mother of my Lord!

Reformed Baptist Daily

This is an excellent debate on a very serious matter.  The thesis of the debate is basically this: Does the devotion given to Mary detract from the glory of Christ?  Robert Fastiggi (Roman Catholic) says no.  James White (Reformed Baptist) says yes.  Call me bias, but Dr. White did a fabulous job in this debate, demonstrating from Catholic resources that the teaching of and devotion to Mary by Roman Catholics does indeed detract from the glory of Christ’s redeeming work.  Dr. Fastiggi’s argument basically amounts to him quoting Catholic sources that say that devotion to Mary is not to detract from Christ; but simply saying this doesn’t make it so (a point James White repeatedly brings up).  Actions do speak louder than words.  Dr. Fastiggi also makes various attempts to support Catholic dogma on Mary by referencing passages of Mary in the Scriptures, but his points require a stretch…

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